Shannon's Story

Spiritual Motherhood

"I know that I have many spiritual children and that that is essential to the mission of the Church."

"I think I just finally reached a point and just felt this tug and this whisper on my heart of... just felt very clearly that I was good."

Shannon is the beating heart of Eden Invitation nurturing relationships and developing the community. Shannon graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Social Welfare and Gender & Women's Studies.  She has fallen for men and for women, but ultimately she fell for the beauty of Christ and His Church. Prior to founding Eden Invitation, Shannon worked in college campus ministry with The Evangelical Catholic and Brew City Catholic. If you're looking for her, try the shore of the nearest body of water. She’ll be in a hammock.

Special thanks to the team at the Panther Catholic Center in Milwaukee for allowing us to film in their lovely chapel and community space.