Heroines of the Faith

A Litany

Lord have mercy

Lord have mercy

Christ have mercy

Christ have mercy

Christ hear us

Christ graciously hear us

Sts. Esther and Judith

saviors of your people, teach us to resist evil, always

St. Mary Magdalene

first witness of the Resurrection, teach us loving fidelity to Christ

St. Photine

woman at the well, teach us to thirst for living water

Sts. Felicity and Perpetua

young martyred mothers, teach us courage in suffering and death

St. Monica

catalyst of conversion, teach us persistence in prayer

St. Joan of Arc

visionary leader, teach us to follow God’s call

St. Hildegard of Bingen

illuminator of the cosmos, teach us the beauty of belonging

St. Catherine of Siena

on fire with divine love, teach us to speak the truth boldly

St. Teresa of Avila

seasoned guide of the interior life teach us the ecstasy of surrender

St. Josephine Bakhita

beacon of true freedom, teach us radical forgiveness

St. Laura Montoya

advocate of justice, teach us Christ’s love for the oppressed

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

devoted to the will of God, teach us to let ourselves be loved

St. Agatha Lin

evangelist and martyr, teach us the power of self-gift

St. Edith Stein

philosopher of feminine genius, teach us the truth of our dignity

St. Gianna Molla

physician and mother, teach us the giftedness of every human life

Holy Mary,

Mother of our redemption,

Midwife of our rebirth,

Illumined pathway to our Lord,

Bearer of the seven sorrows,

Keeper of the joyful mysteries,

Most immaculate, merciful heart,

O Mary, give us the grace of your Yes.

Lord Christ, in your name we claim our heritage as heroines of love, sentinels of the invisible, guardians of human life and dignity. We entrust our desires to you, that you might shape them; our ambitions, that you might guide them; our fears, that you might quell them; our wounds, that you might heal them. By your grace and strength, may we carry on this legacy of feminine genius, may our names become etched in this genealogy of faith.


Special thanks to Abigail Favale for writing this prayer.