In Pursuit of a New Feminism

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“In transforming culture so that it supports life, women occupy a place, in thought and action, which is unique and decisive. It depends on them to promote a ‘new feminism’ which rejects the temptation of imitating models of ‘male domination’, in order to acknowledge and affirm the true genius of women in every aspect of the life of society, and overcome all discrimination, violence, and exploitation.” —Saint Pope John Paul II

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Why Catholic Feminism

To be a Catholic feminist is to become a channel of Christ’s love, and direct that love toward women, children, and those who are most vulnerable. St. John Paul II once called women “sentinels of the invisible.” Women are guardians of the truth of the human person—that each person bears God’s image, and each human body is a sacramental bridge that makes visible the immortal human soul.

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The Program

A free educational and experiential program for personal or group study

26 Videos
This program is made up of 21 video lessons, written and presented by Abigail Favale, Ph.D., and five mini-documentaries on the lives of different Catholic women, each living out Catholic feminism in her own way. The videos of the program are divided into three different sections.
Self Paced
You can work through this as quickly or as slowly as you’d like! If you’re looking for a recommendation: we do encourage taking this at a 5 to 6 week pace, by doing 4-5 videos, and their corresponding journaling questions, a week. Bottom line though: pace it as you please.
Journaling Prompts
Each video lesson with Dr. Abigail Favale will have a corresponding set of journaling prompts. These prompts were written to help you process the program content, and explore and imagine the implications of a Catholic feminism in your own life.
Daily Prayer
We invite you to make the commitment to daily prayer with God alongside the program. Check out our welcome email to the program for prayer ideas.