Samantha's Story


Discovering Catholic Feminism

"You know growing up, people didn't always know what to do with me and my gifts and the gifts that I had, and I didn't always know..."

"Catholic feminism held on to what it meant to be a woman and the sacredness of our biology, of our charisms. Catholic feminism held on to woman herself rather than just accommodating woman to a male dominated world where man is the standard and women are fitting the mold however they can. Women, and the way that women naturally are, matters, and its good."

Samantha Povlock is the Founder and CEO of FemCatholic, a media company working to respond to the call for a “new feminism” from Saint Pope John Paul II by educating, encouraging and empowering women. She graduated from Notre Dame with degrees in business and theology, and works in banking project management by day. Samantha lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband and three small kids.

Special thanks to St. Joseph Catholic Church and The Farmhouse Coffee & Espresso Bar in Downingtown for allowing us to film in their spaces.